The Unified Mass Notification System.

Quickly and Confidently Send CAP Compliant Mass Notifications.

What is AppArmor Alert?

Not sure what a unified mass notification system is, or why your institution needs one? Interested in replacing your existing mass notification system with a CAP Compliant and aggregated platform? Look no further than AppArmor Alert.

This quick 1-minute video will give you an overview of the features and benefits of the AppArmor Alert Unified Mass Notification System.

Comprehensive Alerting Mechanisms

AppArmor Alert aggregates and simplifies all major forms of CAP compliant digital mass notifications.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send information in an emergency via an AppArmor Mobile Safety App.

Mass SMS Messages

Send text messages to users without a smartphone or safety app.

Unlimited Mass Email

Broadcast email messages to your community in a crisis.

Automated Outbound Calls

Call important contacts or desk phones during an emergency.

Social Media Broadcasting

Broadcast over multiple social media channels simultaneously.

Desktop Notifications

Lock corporate device screens during an emergency.

Branded Across Mechanisms

All notifications send via AppArmor Alert are branded to your institution allowing users to quickly trust the information source. The messages also and display the same information across alert mechanisms via a permalink.

  • Completely branded to your organization
  • Alerting Mechnisms Purchased A-La-Carte
  • CAP Compliant Messaging and Templates
  • Support for thousands of users

Cloud Dashboard

AppArmor's responsive online cloud dashboard gives you easy 24/7 access and total control over your mass notification system. The cloud dashboard comes complete with an easy to use “wizard” interface to sending cap compliant mass notifications. The dashboard minimizes the number of decisions required by the sender, improving composure in a crisis. Your organization can have unlimited accounts to the dashboard for all your team members and you can further secure alerting mechanisms with granular user rights to access only certain capabilities.

The secure cloud dashboard gives you full control over your mass notification system anywhere in the world.

It Gets Even Better

Here are some additional benefits to ensure your success.

World Class Datacenter

AppArmor Alert uses Microsoft Azure advanced datacenters to operate the backend systems. Azure is widely recognized as one of the leading datacenter providers and boasts a client list of top companies around the world.

Whitelisted Notification Services

Our Unified Mass Notification system aggregates the most effect digital notification mechanisms which are used by major technology companies including Uber, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Air BnB, Yelp, and more.

Proactive Support

Our support team is constantly monitoring our systems. We're here when you need us - in fact we'll proactively reach out to you before problems happen. We take the utmost care in running the systems behind your notification system.

Globally Recognized

We have hundreds of clients in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Below are some of examples of our mass notifications.

Affordable For All Institutions

AppArmor offers pricing that scales based on the size of your institution. We also offer a price match guarantee. Contact us for a quote today.

Corporate Partner of the Safety Industry

AppArmor has teamed up with some of the best organizations who share our goal of making the world a safer place. Below are some of our strategic partners

Related Products

We offer numerous products to help safety teams respond to and communicate in a crisis.

Custom Safety Apps from AppArmor

The AppArmor platform makes it easy to configure and support custom mobile safety apps for partners such as Higher Education Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, Municipal Police Departments, Corporations, and more.

AlertGo: Crisis Communication App for Response Teams

AlertGo is a powerful crisis communication and response app for safety teams. This branded crisis communication app make it easy to communicate in real-time via chat, send push notifications, and provide emergency resources to your team.

AppArmor Alert: Unified Mass Notifications

AppArmor Alert provides you the options you need and embraces the open Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards. Some of the notification options include SMS, Email, Social Media, Desktop Notifications, Digital Signs, and Outbound Calls.

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