Powerful Alerting Mechanisms

The AppArmor Alert Unified Notification platform has over numerous benefits. Here are some of the highlights.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send important information to your users instantly during an emergency. Push Notifications are unlimited; send as many as you need as often as you want.

App Alert Status

Provide users in your app with real-time updates about the safety status of your campus; a great way to keep your people informed in a crisis.

Mass SMS Messages

Send out mass text messages to your community during a crisis. Can be scaled up or down to meet delivery time objectives and budget.

Automated Outbound Calls

Call important contacts or desk phones during an emergency to make those users aware of a crisis. Can also be used to trigger a P.A. notice.

CAP Compliant Messages

Send consistent and complete CAP compliant mass notifications so that other agencies and users can easily re-broadcast important alerts.

Automated Mass Notifications

Configure your AppArmor Alert system to automatically re-broadcast CAP messages from other agencies, such as weather services and more.

Mass Email Alerts

Quickly and affordably broadcast email messages with important safety information and instructions to your community in a crisis.

Social Media Broadcasting

Simultaneously broadcast over multiple social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and more, during a crisis to keep your community updated.

Desktop Notifications

Lock corporate device screens during an emergency so that staff members won't be distracted and and where to evacuate to during a crisis.

Aggregate Alert Mechanisms

Send crisis alerts over the majority of digital channels with little difficulty using our intuitive and CAP compliant aggregated mass notification infterface.

HTTP Post to Websites

Send mass notifications to any page of your organizational website so that browsing users are made aware of an emergency.

Scalable Capabilities

Want to increase your delivery times? Want to save costs? Easily modify your preferences to save time and money.